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FastReport.Net - Permette ai programmatori di avere dei resoconti d'errore intuitivi e comprensibili

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Want to get at the heart of any errors in the code in your programs? Want to take advantage of error-reports when your program encounters a bug or a crash? Make your applications fully-featured and crash-proof with FastReport.Net. This suite of complex tools can be used with Visual Studio to give .Net developers a heads up if they make an error in their code.
Coding issues can be quickly analyzed with FastReport.Net. It provides thorough application-independent reports that help software developers iron out the kinks in their apps and games easily. No more looking for a needle in a haystack; no more sifting through lines of code to find the source of a problem.
FastReport also comes with its full source code, letting developers modify the program and tailor it according to their needs. It can connect with databases, allowing developers to enjoy data-fetching capabilities, along with adding forms support for reports. You can output these reports in any document file format and print it out.
The program features 3 main components that make the production of reports possible – the Demo component with sample reports, the Designer component that makes possible the output of personalized reports and the Viewer component to preview the files. The highly extensible version of FastReport.Net makes developers focus on the most important thing of all – creating their programs with minimal downtime and errors.
A must have for retaining application security.


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